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advice needed [May. 17th, 2004|09:07 pm]
i went to see whitey in the hospital after school today. he's having his surgery tomorrow and i wanted to say good luck beforehand. we talked for a while, and he looked kinda distracted the whole time. like his mind was somewhere else, and he wasn't totally focusing on our conversation. but i guess i cant blame him, because id probably be freaked out if i had to get eye surgery the next day too.

i havent told my parents about haley and i yet. i havent talked to my mom in a while, not really. she calls and comes over all the time but i havent had a conversation thats lasted longer than two minutes with her in months. i didnt really know how to bring up the whole haley thing, but i figure she'll pretend like she supports me on it. she knows im kinda hating her right now and she probably doesn't want to do anything that'll get me more angry at her.

as for my dad, i dont know whether im scared of him or just dont give a crap about him anymore. i know he'll go nuts when he finds out, but he hates me enough anyway, i don't know if i should even care what he thinks anymore.

advice needed.